Compile a webhook workflow to WASM for production optimization

I am very new to n8n, and very inspired!
Thanks for all the time and generosity put in over the years.

I have a bit of a wild idea, but i think it may actually be realistic.

As the TS based AssemblyScript is improving, and: improved-wasm-support-coming-to-node

I am dreaming of compiling a webhook workflow to WASM for production optimization.

Do you think it’s realistic?


Hey @gotjoshua!

This is a wild idea! I would love to see what you come up with. Can you share some more details? What exactly are you planning to do (and how!)? If you can also share the benefits, we would love to know :slight_smile:

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i must say this kind of meta coding is a bit “above my paygrade”…

but, what i am envisioning is a sort of transpiler module that could take a workflow json (which is already a very strictly constructed sequence of typescript functions) and output WASM code which could in turn be registered via the fastest means possible to handle webhook requests.

it would be like a hyper performance mode for webhook based workflows.

furthermore, it may not even be worth trying: