Connection lost not connected

Hi, ive searched this community and can’t see why this doesnt work. Im using Digitaloceans app platform and get n8n to load but says connection lost top right.

ive published here.

Im using this docker file - Docker Hub

with these environmental variables

N8N_VERSION = 0.91.0
WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL = publish link above
VUE_APP_URL_BASE_API = publish link above

what ever I try it never connects to the backend the front end shows the workflow designer page.

Welcome to the community @Jon_Hallam!

First. Never run n8n without basic auth activated as described here:

that is more than dangerous!

There is actually a lot written about this problem. Did you check out all the other posts in the forum? Here a few:

Have sadly no idea how the DO App platform works. But if they also create a reverse proxy for you, it is possible that it will not work because n8n needs some special settings (as described in the issues above) to work. The reason for that is Event Source which we use to push information to the editor. So you can maybe check in DO forums if there are known issue with Event Source or check with their support.

If all that does network I would advise to get a regular DO instance and follow our Server Setup guide.

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