UI Connection Lost - Server-Sent Events


I’m getting this error yet I believe there is connection since the app works just fine when I interact with the UI, change or save something in a workflow.


This is happened after I configured a reverse proxy in front of n8n. Here is the setup:

  • n8n.example.com points to nginx server.
  • NGINX works as reverse proxy on nginx server. listen n8n.example.com 443 and redirects N8NServer:5678
  • n8n container works on N8NServer mapped to 5678:5678

n8n container deployed via docker-composed using below env. variables and using sqllite

  - N8N_PROTOCOL=https
  - N8N_HOST=n8n.example.com
  - VUE_APP_URL_BASE_API=https://n8n.example.com/
  - WEBHOOK_TUNNEL_URL=https://n8n.example.com/

Guess the problem is that the reverse proxy is not configured correctly to work with Server-Sent Events. For that reason do you see this error message. You should find the solution here: