Continue on errors not working if credential errors?

Not sure if this is a question or a feature request.

We’ve had various timeout errors on workflows that when we debug them show there was some kind of error with credentials on the last notifying node ( in our case.

The credentials issues seem to be coming from this being created by a sub-user when executed by the main user. Nevertheless, what I am not sure if is the desired behaviour is that even if that last node has a “Continue on errors” the whole workflow fails for that reason.

We’ve now tried to solve it, passing it to a new workflow that is fully dedicate to notifications.

Just wondering if “continue on errors” should apply to any kind of errors. I have the feeling that n8n reviews all credential nodes before execution, but I even so don’t understand why we get a timeout instead of an error, even if the workflow has an error capture.

Just wondering if this is really the intended behaviour.

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Hi @luison :wave: This would be intentional if the credentials aren’t shared. For example, if I were to create credentials and a workflow using these credentials, then allow another user to call the workflow (but I don’t share the credentials with them), I would expect this error :bowing_man:

In short, “Continue On Fail” applies to node execution errors, but not to permission problems, if that makes sense?

Thanks. That makes senses. Not sure so much that the whole workflow fails if the last node has this kind of credential issue. Nevertheless, understood, thanks.

The credentials issue is a different story. In our case we’ve been upgrading for a while including user changes. We see the subusers workflows and credentials but then sometime the fail, so we are just recreating all those.

Also, as far as I know there is no info on the credentials “owner” so it’s hard to tell when they grow, which ones could fail depending on who is executing them.

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