Convert Table Sheets to Image

Good afternoon community, how are you doing?!

I wanted to ask you if it was possible to convert an excel table into an image, I have tried several ways but I have not succeeded

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Hi @Internalit_Automatio, I can see @romain-n8n has already assigned this issue to himself internally, so he’ll probably has some more sophisticated thoughts on this than I have and it might be worth waiting.

However, if this is urgent, a quick and dirty solution coming to my mind could look like so:

  1. Convert the Excel table into an HTML table (this can be done in n8n using the Spreadsheet node to first read the Excel file, then create an HTML table).
  2. Use the Move Binary Data node to read the HTML code from the file generated in step 1.
  3. Pass on the HTML to the screenshot endpoint from OneSimpleApi (Docs) using the HTTP Request node.

This won’t preserve the formatting, but at least you’d have your table data in an image.

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Hi, we don’t offer this feature natively in n8n but you can use a conversion API such as Image Converter API: Office, PDF, HTML to Image | PSPDFKit

You would need to create an account with them and use the HTTP Request node in n8n to send your excel table in binary data and retrieve an image in binary data in response.

Here is a basic example (you will need to use your own API Key)


HI @romain-n8n @MutedJam

Thank you very much for the prompt response and help! I was completely helped by everything you told me, I want to thank you both always for the attention in the forum. Thank you again thousands and thousands of thanks!


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