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Hi all,

I am migrating to N8N due to some missing features in Zapier. However, one thing I use a ton of is the “CloudConvert” integration that helps me convert XLSX/XLS documents into CSV files.

I cannot find any sort of integration that is similiar to that with N8N, however, I did find this link that explores the possibility of converting XLSX to JSON and then exporting as CSV: Working with Excel spreadsheet files (xls & xlsx) | n8n workflow template

Is that the only way I can accomplish what I need?

Thank you

Hi @saica thanks for posting your question. I assume there is an easier way than the template that you shared. Based on what I understand, you can simply use the Spreadsheet File node like I did below:

Since I don’t own an Excel-account, I replaced it with a Google Sheets node. But the principle should stay the same:

  1. Get data from excel by reading rows from a file
  2. Use the Speadsheet File node to convert your data into a CSV file

Hope that helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Niklas, I will give it a whirl.

Update: Took the XSLX (from email), wrote it to a spreadsheet node, then wrote that to a CSV via another spreadsheet node. Works great!

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