Could I transfer it to mysql database?

My current database is sqlite.
Could I transfer it to mysql database?


I was thinking about this yesterday, A database migration from one type to another would be handy. Although what you can do is export the workflows and credentials then set your env options for your database and do an import which doesn’t seem that bad.

For an actual migration this was the best I could find for the database side: How to migrate from SQLite to PostgreSQL? - #2 by jan

Hey @cmdntd987,

As mentioned in the post (link shared by Jon), it is currently not possible to handle it directly from n8n. But that post can help you with migration.

Yes, I could wait for this feature later
Because I 'm not hurry, sqlite should be ok at this time. This is just sub request.

Thanks anyway.


If you care only about Credentials and Workflows you can use the built-in import/export functionality which got created exactly for that reason. You can find the documentation here:

So what you have to do is:

  1. Use the export command with the current setup (SQLite)
  2. Configure n8n to use a different database (in this case MySQL)
  3. Restart n8n (so that it uses the other database)
  4. Use the import command

When I try to migrate to MySQL data, I used import --all command

But you do not have backup & import tag? How could I save my tags?

There is currently sadly no way to export or import tags with n8n.