Need option to delete old data of n8n

I have so much data, it makes loading or filter data too slow.
I realize that I do not need many old data from Workflow Executions.

It seems overload old data. I usually have 524 errors.
It needs me to restart container everytime.

I think there are 2 issues in core here:
1. This could be better if n8n data could load only newest part in small memory.
2. Could you have a option to keep Execution data only in term (ex 3 months or 1 year…)?

Hey @cmdntd987,

For 2. you can setup environment variables to set the age. Here’s the link to the docs: Environment Variables | Docs

Thank you

Could I transfer from sqlite to mysql?
I get used to mysql.

I am not sure what do you mean by that. These configurations should work irrespective of the database you use.

My current database is sqlite.
Could I transfer it to mysql database?

By the way, in default settings, I want to set general “Error Workflow”.
Could I set default “Error Workflow” by any environment variable?

Can you please open separate topics for these questions, since they are not related to the topic?

Yes, I open new ones at

  1. Could I transfer it to mysql database?
  2. How to set default “Error Workflow” for new workflows
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