Create a chatbot that runs on N8N github and forum

The idea is:

A chatbot where you can ask questions about N8N or get help

My use case:

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Hard to find answers on repo/forum to go through all previous q/a

Any resources to support this?

We got a bot on discord :smile:

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Could you embed it on a website too like

Hey @pooria,

The bot doesn’t support Discourse yet but it could in the future. The one we use is made by another company and uses posted solutions, blog posts and our documentation as sources.

Cool. Something like

And by the way I couldn’t find the link to the discord in the community. Do you mind sharing it?

And is it more active than the forum here?

Hey @pooria,

It is Kapa, Discord is fairly active but we push all support here as the content from here is indexed and the rest of the team look at posts here.

You can use the link below to join the Discord space.

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