Create an IMAP manipulation node

This comes as follow up of: IMAP mark as read only after the workflow is done

Right now, IMAP Read Email offers the possibility to mark an email as read.
However, I would like to mark emails as read, after the workflow has successfully completed.

When wroking with Gmail, usually something like this solves the problem:

But not everyone uses Gmail as their email server (I also want to use protonmail), so that solution will not work.

I would suggest to create an IMAP manipulation node, where we can pass a query to filter a specific/or set of emails, and do operations on then (remove labels per example).

I believe that node-imap allows for search queries (not entirely sure tbh), so we could use that to pull emails a second time and perform operations on those emails. This is not the cleanest solution, but I believe it would work.