Creating a trigger node without a webhook

I am working with an API that doesn’t support webhooks, but I’d like to set up the node as a trigger node. Essentially the node would poll an endpoint for new or updated records (would need to use node storage with id, and last_updated_at). When it finds something new should trigger the workflow. The Trigger nodes seem to require a webhook API, so what’s the recommended approach for developing this type of node?

This would be similar to this Creating triggers for n8n workflows using polling ⏲ but as a core node.
Thanks for the help.

Looks like maybe trigger or poll is what I was looking for rather than webhook from the sample. Google Calendar is a good example.


Hi @sfenig, first of all welcome to the community :tada:

You’re spot on - I reckon you have found the new Google Calendar trigger in our repository already? If not, it’d be here:

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