Custom ID from google calendar

Hi everyone,
I want to custom the ID of an event in my workflow .
First i “get all details”, secondly i can “update” ( node update_perso) or “create” (node create_perso") an event and i create a functionc(customId_from_update or customId_from_create ) to change the id of the event. I want to ad n8n with this code :


How can i update the id before update the event in the node “create_pro_event”

Hi @David_Corail, welcome to the community!

Are you trying to change the ID of a Google Calendar event? I don’t think that’s possible, Google will assign these IDs at the time of the event creation.

If you’re trying to return the full event details including the updated ID try changing the code in your Function Item node so it returns a valid n8n item rather than just a string:

return item;

ok thanks, if i solve my problem i will post the solution.
already, your answer helps me to correctly feed all the elements of my event

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