Deceptive Site Ahead [urgent]

i have updated the n8n into verson 0.219.1 and it works properly as usual, however, after a few hours, google regards it as unsafe domain with pfishing and turn it as dangerous site.

it is install with docker in digital ocean and this domain is only for n8n, can you please advise the way to solve and all the webhooks are not working at this moment and i think it is related to this issue,

i would like to say that for the version 0.219.1 may have some problem, as i have 2 server for n8n, and i try to update the 2nd server, it show the same problem, my second server is installed with npm and in cloudways, which is total different from my first server

Hi @Louis_kwok,

It might be worth following the steps here: Google tagged my URL as phishing after using n8n OAuth - #2 by MutedJam it should get you back up and running.

I have let the team internally know about this as well.

I have the same issue on my end on both servers !!! Can anyone find a fix for this thing?

Hey @ShiZniT,

We are working on it but for now you will need to report the site as safe with Google.