Decrease interval time between two consecutive "rest/push?sessionId" calls

Hello n8n community,

We would like to change the interval time between two consecutive “rest/push?sessionId” calls to 10 seconds in order to avoid any “Connection Lost”. Is there any parameters or variables that we could set ?


Hi @laurent,

When you say interval time what do you mean? Like do you want to wait 10 seconds before triggering the next node?

Right now, the calls are done every 15/16 seconds. Could we lower this to 10 seconds ?

Oh I see, I have not seen a config option to change that but I suspect there is more to it than just a config option like the network speed and general response times.

@harshil1712 have you seen anything for this sort of thing?

Hey @laurent,

You main want to change the Execution Process. You can learn about it here: Long time before starting webhook execution - #2 by jan