Delay http read until entire page is loaded by page based javascript

Still fairly new to n8n.
I would appreciate any guidance on how to solve the following.

I am trying to scrape data from a page that does initial display, then after a few seconds runs a javascript to fetch additional data and display it to the page.

The data I am needing is the data that is fetched after 5 seconds.
I have tried using the parameter full response but it still fails to wait.

What i need is for the http to load the page, then wait 5 seconds and then fetch all the data

an example of the page is Uniswap Interface

Hi @Paul_H, this would require a full headless browser which isn’t a node currently available in n8n I am afraid. The HTTP Request node which you’re probably using based on your question makes individual HTTP Requests but would not process the result on its own. While you could execute externally loaded JavaScript (see DDoS Protection (anti scrape question i guess) - #6 by MutedJam), it’s a high risk and probably not feasible for a use case like this.

So you might want to give the “headless browsers as a service” out there a go and see if they can fetch the relevant data. Plus, a vote on the respective feature requests (like Headless browser such as Puppeteer) would be super helpful for contributors and the n8n team alike to help them plan what to build next.

@Paul_H, have you tried PhantomBuster? That lets you write scripts run by Puppeteer. It’s a bit technical but very powerful, and we have a node for it so you can use the scraped result in n8n.

PhantomBuster works really well for normal websites that don’t require you to use any sort of proxy, I’ve used it a number of times, should work in most cases