Headless browser such as Puppeteer

Not sure whether this qualifies as a Question or a Feature Request, but has anyone successfully implemented headless browsers such as Puppeteer ?
I have successfully linked the puppeteer package to the N8N docker container using tips from other threads here, but haven’t been able to make it work.

Puppeteer would be a great addition to the n8n family of nodes. But, I think we would probably have to focus on the relatively high level actions for the nodes and then build all of the “details” into either custom functions for manipulating the data or a lot of very specific nodes to perform lower level functions as the API is pretty extensive.

Still gets my vote!


We’re beginning to research this as well. For automated data retrieval from our partner satellite sites, that all use different templates / content management systems. So it would be easier for us to use Puppeteer to retrieve that data and store it in our MongoDB for later distribution.

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+1 for a puppeteer n8n node,not sure how it would work as i need to SSH to another machine to execute puppeteer

Have it watch a google sheet and trigger a scrape event… If this becomes a feature :slight_smile:

using docker, trying to get something like puppeteer working without too many hurdles is a pain in the ######.

yes, we can use browserless but it has limitations, isn’t proxy aware in the community nodes etc.

having a puppeteer function natively as part of the HTTP node that we can put custom scripts into would be amazing!