Deploying n8n on K8s - Helm - External DB

Describe the problem/error/question

Looking to deploy n8n on Internal Kubernetes environment using Helm to simplify the installation.
We are using this chart to deploy the application as there doesn’t seem to be any native helm support.

What is the error message (if any)?

I have deployed an external RDS Postgres DB in AWS but am having issues in connecting the n8n application to the service.

This is how the variables have been setup - seems to continue to default to internal DB

 type:             postgresdb
 tablePrefix:      # Prefix for table names - default: ''
   database:       # PostgresDB Database - default: n8n
   host:           <AWSHOST ADDRESS>
   password:       <AWSHOST PASSWORD>
   port:            # PostgresDB Port - default: 5432
   user:            <AWSHOST USERNAME>
   schema:            # PostgresDB Schema - default: public

Hi @gthomson31, welcome to the community!

This isn’t an n8n-provided helm chart but one created by a fellow community user @Vad1mo (⎈ N8N on Kubernetes with Helm - There is now a Chart for that🎉). Perhaps he can help with this one?

The values themselves seem good to me, in a non-helm deployment you’d also specify database.type for example.


That would be great.

Trying to get a self hosted deployment to go alongside our hosted n8n currently so any help is appeciated in how we can get this deployed

Hey @gthomson31 given you mentioned that you’re having trouble connecting to the database, my initial hunch is that this is possibly a misconfigured network.

Do you have any logs from n8n about it? Does it simply say unable to connect?

Also one thing to note is that the n8n database must be created manually as n8n will not create the database if it doesn’t exist.

Will check over the instance I don’t think it’s picking up variables correctly as I wouldn’t expect the service to even start if it had picked up the variables.

In regards to creating the Database the creation part is being made outside of the helm chart with the path and username/password passed into the helm chart.

I can’t find anything on setting up a schema on the database prior ?

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