DigitalOcean Spaces

The idea is:

DigitalOcean Spaces Node

My use case:

Similar to the Amazon S3 node, I would like to write a binary file to DigitalOcean (Digital Ocean) Spaces.

Any resources to support this?

The API from DigitalOcean isn’t very well documented IMO.

Hey @ericsonmartin,

You can already use Digital Ocean Spaces with the S3 node (not AWS), If your DO Space URL is… in the S3 Nodes credentials set…

Region: nyc3
Access Key: Key from DO
Secret Access Key: Key from DO

Then in the node when it asks for a bucket name you would use martin and everything from there should be all good. As a quick test I have managed to make some folders and add some files, Could be worth giving it a go.


Wow that’s amazing! Made my day!


Custom endpoint, right?

Don’t use the AWS S3 node use the other one.


(the blue one)

Hey @ericsonmartin,

I had that message the first time the bit in the yellow don’t put in the URL and instead use that as the bucketname.

Yes, I figured that out. But I cannot reference a specific folder then?

Tried with [bucket]/[folder] but it didn’t work

Did you try the Parent Folder Key in the additional fields on the upload?

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How about renaming you to theAwesomeJon?!


:thinking: I can make that happen for a bit


That surely has my vote due to to constantly awesomeness you show

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Any chance you know how to post it and make the file public?

I tried with the various “grants” but when I post it again (overwrite), the setting from DigitalOcean to make it public is reverted.

Now that I don’t know I will need to have a play over the weekend and create a new space.