Discord Trigger

It could be very difficult to implement something like that. Because a websocket has to be kept active and “the bot” has to be brought to the server.


Thank you creating this feature request. Are you specifically interested in the Trigger for a bot? If not, you can use the slash commands that can trigger your workflow, process the incoming data, and send a reply back to Discord. I have worked on this before, and if you would like to learn how I did it, here’s the link to the YouTube Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL1IyzCekgLc1hkHdiIRmLJ-SexoPpL1fd

Yes, it is intended as a bot function.
Events something like: Reaction, Message created.
The other way round, of course, it would also be cool to delete messagesor give a role on the other side, for example.

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Doing that should theoretically not be very complicated. You can look at the code of any of the Queue-Nodes. Also they keep an active connection. Here for example the RabbitMQ-Node:

The only disadvantage is that they are more resource intensive.