Download XLS binary file

When I try it with an XLS file my browser opens the download dialog, What do you get with this workflow?

It works with your example… :frowning:
The thing is in your example you directly have in the url the …xls.
On my side I only have it after the http request where I put a spreadsheet file which convert the binary to a xls file.
So the xls is available after the spreadsheet file.

Assuming you are using the Write to File option of the Spreadsheet File node you can add a filename under the options which might help so something like this…

Almost there!!
I can download the file but the file name is (regarding to your example) Webhook with no extension…
any idea?
One more thing is it possible to add an html create response page after the Respond to Webhook?
I tried but the workflow stops right after the Respond to Webhook.
Again thanks a loooooooooot!!!

For the point 1, I found the solution : add attachment; filename=“name.xls” in Respond to Webhook

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That part of the workflow would stop but you can add nodes after it, However you wouldn’t be able to add a second respond to webhook node as the response would already be sent. If you wanted to display a page as well things would be more complicated and likely require multiple workflows to make that work.

Thanks again for your help

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