Download XLS binary file

I finally made working my workflow but … another issue … :frowning:
here is the issue
I collect information from an http request using a get method.
All the results are collect in a XLS spreadsheet file.
Then I am using a write to binary file. Filename is C\N8N.…\test.xls

When I launch the workflow from my laptop it is ok :slight_smile:
but when it is launch from an other device…:frowning: … the XLS file is save on my laptop!
Is there a way to fix it?
Many thanks for your help!!!

Best regards

Hey @herrT15,

I am not sure I follow, n8n will save the file to the machine running the n8n application. If you are accessing the web interface from a different machine it will still save the file to the machine running the application.

Is this what you are seeing?

My fault…I did not explain it well.
I have a machine on which n8n is running. From that machine i can access the url (webhook) in order to run my workflow.
This url is on internet and can be access by any devices.
So from another device i can access the n8n webhook I configured.
But when I am running it all the files goes to the machine which is running n8n… :frowning:

Hey @herrT15,

Sadly that is to be expected as while you can access n8n from a browser the server and application itself lives on the other machine so any workflow that runs will happen there.

We don’t really have a way around this, If you wanted to download the file though you should be able to do it from the UI if it is in the workflow view. If you wanted to make the file available to other users rather than a local folder maybe something like Google Drive would be a better solution.

and what about use n8b ftp node?

Hey @herrT15,

That could be an option, If you have an FTP somewhere you could tell it to upload the file to that instead.

Better idea!
I have access to the HTML code in which I can add a javascript function to download the XLS file.
What do you think?
Does somebody already have the javascript code? It will be really appreciated.
Again thanks a lot!!

HTML code for what?

I just create a form in the end of my workflow in order to show the results.

Oh I see, I don’t have anything clever for that but if you open a node that has binary data in it there is normally a button already to download it.

The only thing I need is to be able to click on that button from a webhook :slight_smile:

If it is a webhook what about using the Respond to Webhook Node and telling it to respond with Binary and using the binary data object from the workflow?

I just tried it and the xls file is not downloaded :frowning:

Do you get any errors?

unfortunately no error it goes throught but no download


I would turn off the expression option for Respond With for now, Do you have a binary item going into that node?

As a quick example the workflow below will download an image from unsplash then return it to you in the response.

Thanks for your help.
When using your example, the image is shown in the browser but it is not downloaded…

Not for an image but what does it do with an XLS file as there is a good chance the browser won’t be able to open it and will just download it.

Same thing…binary data is shown in the browser