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Is there a way to get a dropbox share link via n8n. I have uploaded a dropbox document however I am trying to get the share url of the document. I have noticed the dropbox oauth with n8n only has 4 scopes…Any suggestions or ideas on how to get the share url link

It was complicated to setup, but it is doable. Here are the steps I recommend to accomplishing it:

  1. Visit the Developer center and ensure that your app has the collaboration scope enabled:
  2. Next, open n8n and create a new http request node.
  3. Import the curl command into the HTTP request node found on the documentation here. You’ll notice mine has the authentication part removed. This is because we will add it to the authentication portion instead of the header portion. It will look like this:
curl -X POST https://api.dropboxapi.com/2/sharing/list_shared_links \
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data "{\"cursor\":\"ZtkX9_EHj3x7PMkVuFIhwKYXEpwpLwyxp9vMKomUhllil9q7eWiAu\"}"
  1. Next set your authentication type to Generic and type to Oauth 2 like so, then click create new, I called mine Dropbox Oauth 2:
  2. Fill out the information you need using the values below:

  3. Click on the connect my account button, and you will get a permission prompt from Dropbox. Authorize access, then your node should be set after you save the credential.
  4. From there, set the share URL under the path body data, and it will return the URL for the link or links in the folder.

I hope this helps!


Hi DJ…thanks so much…sorry for late feedback…Thanks so much…I tried and it worked…However I have noticed there is something off with the dropbox api…it works and then stops working…Like for instance I was trying to create a share lini with settings…at one point it works well…the next just says empty object and at anothrt point it kept giving me error code 403 invalid path for no absolute reason…very odd. Anyway…I wish n8n would introduce the sharing scope like Make…

Hi @Keep_Innovations , very strange! I typically use gdrive not dropbox, so not sure what could be going on. And feel free to request the feature in the Feature Request forum. If enough people vote for the feature, they will add it.

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Hi, just came to realize the issue. When you upload a file to a folder and you have turned on automatic file organization in drop box…the file is posted to the relevant month e.g August…So if you try to like access the file url without the precise month folder, it gives you a 409, 403 or incorrect path…So what is recommended is either get the file metadata to get exact file path inorder to create share link or turn off the automatic file organization feature so that files are not pushed to an autocreated monthly folder

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Thanks for updating us on this! I want to work on a dropbox workflow for fun soon with joplin sync, so I think this may help.

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