Dynamic ending in webhook

The SaaS platform I am connecting to sends some POST reguests out to a defined endpoint.
Example /endpoint and will send a regular json with data. However it also sends requests with dynamic data in the url. (i.e /endpoint/{{id}}/cancel) to the same endpoint configured earlier.

Can anybody think of a way around this? maybe a wildcard (set up in n8n) that will discard the rest of the url after the /endpoint and take it into the body? (something similar to what the ? does when the post request comes with query params (i.e /endpoint?an=account) (this works and brings “an”: “account” into the json body).


Very sorry, but that is currently sadly not supported. If you require that functionality please create a feature request that other people can upvote and we then schedule accordingly.

Thanks Jan, will pot Feature Request. Maybe a dynamic id in the middle of the path is more complex, it could be just to treat any “slash” after the configured endpoint path (i.e /complementarypath/path2/path3) the same way you do with ? parameters received after the configured endpoint that bring a Query section in the response.