Dynamic Options/Properties

Hi there, hope everything is well.
I found a handful of questions regarding this topic, I just want to ask if there was a progress on this feature requests.
My situation: I want to build a node which should use the API of a low code / no code database driven application (Ninox). Reaching this is not a complicated task to me, but there could be bit of “sugar” on top.
It would be very helpful to dynamically fill options or properties, so that a manually lookup of column- or tablenames are not neccessary.
In my dreams there would be an “Init” node, which collects all needed informations from the database (tablenames, corresponding columnnames etc.) On the secound node, I should be able to select for example “Update table”, then show all available tables and let me choose which one. in the next node, Update column", then the ui of the node shows me all available tables and as soon as I choose “table A” for example, I will able to choose the avaiabkle columns for that table.

I think this is not possible at the moment, but could you imagine such feature in the future?

Hey @Alexander_Berndt , if i understood your post correctly, you can load tables/columns based on what you choose in the UI. You can find similar behavior described in the ClickUp node (n8n/TaskDescription.ts at 004979f592fbcbda0465f6982be24bb38ff6a1a8 · n8n-io/n8n · GitHub).

Actually, you can use the loading methods in order to dynamically load input options and you can make the loading depends on a previous input value. Therefore, if Ninox provides an API endpoint to list columns and tables it will be straightforward to implement it.

Concerning the node, you can have all operations in one single node instead of creating separate ones. That way it stays consistent with the codebase.

Please let me know if this helps.


Hey @dali, seems this answers exactly my questions. Thank you very much, I will check it :slight_smile: