Dynamically specified API credentials


is there way how dynamically specified which one API credentials will be used in workflow, when is a node is runned? I want use the Hive and Cortex nodes.

I have more instancies of this products and need run same work flow on different instancies specified as json atribute.


My question is about this parameter in credentials. When i wrote something like this:
“theHiveApi”: “{{$json[“test”]}}”
the aplication didn’t expand variable.

No that is currently sadly not possible.

The only way to do that (but not very “nice”) is via the Execute-Workflow node and specify the workflow to run as JSON and then have an expression for the credential value.

Interesting idea, i will think about it. It is look as working solution, but still complication for me.

Could be it as future request? I do not know how it is working in backkend but I think it is interesting featchure for some body who use more instances of same aplication.

Yes totally agree! Please check first if such a request got already made under Feature Request.
If yes, please upvote and add your specific needs to it.
If not, create a new one.



Future request is created Set Credentials programmatically

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