Easier way to search through Operations of a Node

Hello. I wanted to get a list of GitHub Issues. Here is what I landed up doing -

  • Add a new GitHub node
  • Look through Resource list - “File / Repository / Issue / Release / Review / User”. Issue is what I want. Choose that.
  • Look through Issue operations - No way to list all issues.
  • I thought this might not be implemented since not all the operations I’ve wanted on the Twitter Node were implemented.
  • Thought, I may as well add it
  • Cloned the code, opened the GitHub node, starting searching for ‘issue’. Found that ‘list all issues’ is implemented. But inside the ‘Repository’ resource.
  • Groaned, and then chose the right operation.

It would be great if there is a way to search for a (resource + operation) more easily. Maybe a search box and we see which ones match.

Hey @vhanda,

I can resonate with the frustration you might have experienced. I often go through the documentation and check the operations and resources, but yes, one can miss them. I love the idea of searching operations and resources. We are working on improving the node design, and I tagging @maxT for visibility.

Can you also please upvote the feature request? :slight_smile:

@vhanda thank you SO much for sharing this specific (frustrating) experience. Can see how a way to search through actions (combination of resource + operation) could be helpful in similar scenarios.

One thing we are working on is the ability to form sentence-like titles for resource:operation combinations (like ticket:get all = Get all tickets). This will be used to populate how we name nodes in the workflow canvas so that workflows are more legible. Having that in place will allow us to ideate how we might provide the ability to search through the functionality of a node.

Would be great to know if you envision this as a feature within a node itself, or within the nodes panel.

For anyone reading this thread - please upvote it if this is something that you’d like to see in n8n! Helps us prioritize all the good work to be done :slight_smile:

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