Edit Image Background Colour

Using the Edit Image node - how do I change the background colour when converting, for example, a PNG with a trabsparant area to a JPEG?

At the moment, the background is automatically set to black - how woulod I change it to white?

Simple example here:


Hi @seank1968 :wave: I’ve been testing this and I don’t think it’s possible - you can make a specific colour transparent, but there’s no way to select a background colour. I’ll move this over to the feature request section of the forums for you :slight_smile: Don’t forget to upvote your thread!

@EmeraldHerald Thanks!

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:thinking: If I recall correctly this is actually possible.
Will have a look in a few days to confirm and let you know.

In case anyone else wants to do this here’s how I eventually did it:

1 - Get the image
2 - Edit Image - Get Information
3 - Edit Image - Create Image - use the width and height from the previous node and set the background color (in this case #ff0000
4 - Composite - use the created iamge as the lower image and place the original on top! Set the file name and format.

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