Edit with Workflow with chosen Executions log

I’d like to suggest a feature for Workflow Executions…

Sometimes we need to leave the url of the webhook in production with as little functioning as possible, as there are countless variations that are difficult to map by the test webhook because it is necessary to create the desired situation, and sometimes we don’t even know all the resources that an integration send to n8n…

It would be interesting if in the execution log there was a button to take over the edition of the flow that we are analyzing, so we could correct the error through a real log of what happened at that moment and create a new path or maintain the one that already exists, that would help understand the process better and make life easier for all of us.

The tool is amazing, I’ve been using it for almost 2 months, thanks to everyone from the n8n team and the community that makes this tool better with each update.

Hi @webtizze

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Not sure if I understand correctly what you are proposing here.
A execution was done, you cannot go back to it and run it again. unless it fails and you do a retry, you can then also choose to retry it with the currently saved workflow. So not sure if you meant this, or something else.

Hello thanks for the welcome!

I think you didn’t understand…

I want to enter an execution that has already passed and start building the flow from it with the data it generated, it doesn’t matter if it has an error or was completed successfully…

because some information is unique from each webhook received, so I can build a flow, adapt and make corrections, add functionalities, because I need the output generated.

Hi there,

You can pin data and then modify it for development. Have you seen that feature? Does that help you?

I looked here, but I don’t know how to use it, I couldn’t do anything, the option is blocked

I learned how to use this option.