Enhance a bit the UI for function

The idea is:

To make small improvement in the UI for Function

My use cases:

  • I have a big screen and I see a small window for my code. A bigger windows and/or a slider would be good to read the code (80<->120 characters ?)
  • When editing the code, I want to run and test my function directly. Now, I enter in edit mode and need to close the window to test.
  • Ability to develop thos function externally in let’s say VScode ? :slight_smile: Not the most simple I guess.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Better experience

Are you willing to work on this?

Not good at JS :frowning:

Like the slider idea. I think it would be easier to stack it vertically where code is on top. Then the output is below. Thats just my preference. Maybe a option to allow users to work both ways.

Fixing the small window problem would def eliminate a lot of the windows within a window within a window code editor. Which is a little annoying at times. Vs just having the Function block window be the editor and output table.