Enhanced OpenAI Assistant node

Feature Request: Improvements to OpenAI Assistant Node in n8n

This feature request proposes an enhancement for the OpenAI Assistant node within the n8n platform. The key improvement involves the ability to maintain conversation continuity and diversity by connecting messages to specific threads.

Current Node Interface:
The current interface includes assistantId parameter. However, it lacks the functionality to manage conversational threads effectively.

Requested Enhancements:

  1. Thread Management: Integrate the capability to attach incoming messages to particular threads. This feature would enable the node to maintain the flow of conversations over time, creating a more coherent interaction experience.
  2. API Reference: The implementation should be in line with the guidelines provided in the OpenAI API documentation, particularly focusing on the threads section.

Intended Benefits:
With these enhancements in place, the OpenAI Assistant node within n8n will significantly improve its capability to manage intricate, continuous conversations.

My two cents on this matter: In Zapier, for the model to continue the conversation, they use emails as a ‘Memory Key’ as well as a field to include the ‘user message’ that the model uses to respond. This allows the model to follow up on the previous conversation

Definitively needed if you want to use Assistant in a chat and be able to have a conversation on document uploaded to the assistant