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Hello everyone !
I’m having a problem connecting to my Twitter account when I configure my Oauth1 credentials.
I followed the instructions to configure the credential on n8n

and I have correctly entered the Consumer Key IDs

and when I click on “connect my account” I am redirected to Twitter to authorize the app

and when I allow an error is displayed


App info on portal Developer

other n8n user have this problem :

Thank you for help

Hi @JohnKenNabii, I am sorry you’re having trouble. This sounds like n8n is trying to read a value not provided by X/Twitter. In general, their API behaviour seems to change quite often these days (stuff that worked in the past for me no longer does and vice versa, at least for my account). So there is a non-zero chance this just starts working again in a couple of days.

If not, can you confirm which version of n8n exactly you are using and if you have any Twitter/X subscriptions for your account?

I thank you for your responsiveness.
I’m using version 1.9.3 on n8n
And I have a free Twitter subscription

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