Twitter Post Image API - HELP ME

Hi guys, i need help!!

I managed to connect Oauth2, but I can’t connect Oauth1, I’m using the FREE plan.

Can I only add 1 Oauth per FREE account? Could this be the problem?

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Hi @Edgard_Neto :wave:

I’m not familiar with Twitter’s API, I’m afraid :see_no_evil:

First things first - as per Twitter documentation, OAuth1 vs OAuth2 would use different credentials: Getting access to the Twitter API | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform There’s some more details available here as well: Overview of the different authentication methods | Docs | Twitter Developer Platform

Looking at their pricing page, you also are only allowed one App ID on the free tier. If you need more than one App ID to connect both OAuth1 and OAuth2, this will not be available to you.

I created a new Twitter account and tried to add just “oauth1” and it didn’t work, it gave the same error.

Have you configured the permissions you might need in your Twitter App settings?

I’m also not sure if this is the still the case as the Permissions doc no longer mentions this, but OAuth1 access may not be available to your other account, depending on its age: Is OAuth 1.0a User Context no longer available for new apps? - Developer Portal - Twitter Developers

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