Error creating Custom resource in Odoo

Describe the issue/error/question

I am trying to create records in Odoo using Custom Resource. I created a model in Odoo called test_n8n with a field ‘cloud_code’. I create the Odoo node, and connected to my instance, I select Resource → Customer Resource. I select my Test N8N model from the list, but when it comes to select the fields then I don’t see them in the same way as I see when for example I select Contact.
I see it like:
name:undefined, type:char, required: false.

Information on your n8n setup

  • Latest version as of today 23.3.2023
  • Running n8n via and desktop app

Hi @rejamen, welcome to the community!

I am sorry for the trouble. Could you confirm which version of Odoo exactly you are currently running? Also can you confirm how exactly you have created your test_n8n model in Odoo?

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Hi, thanks for the quick response.
The version of Odoo I am trying is Odoo 14.0+e-20230310 (Enterprise Edition)
This is how I created the Odoo model:

class TestN8N(models.Model):
_name = ‘test.n8n’
_description = ‘N8N Compliance’

cloud_code = fields.Char(string='Cloud Code')
name = fields.Char()

I found a workaround by adding the technical name as a function, instead of selecting it. Like in the picture. And I am able to create the record. But I would like to be able to select the fields from the dropdown instead.

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