Error make Expression JSON Object


I am having problems generating the Expression to send in the header on the http request node method post json / raw active my attempts

{{JSON.parse (JSON.stringify (’{“Cookie”: “JSESSIONID =’ + $ json [” jsessionid “] + '”}’))}}

Result with node return:

Error presented, and I’m doing the parse:

Below I work inserting manual in place of … but I need to send the value received from a node …

{{JSON.parse (’{“Cookie”: “JSESSIONID = …”}’)}}

{{JSON.parse (’{“Cookie”: “JSESSIONID = kH8siXLILnO2jUkI-aKIk-8IB7O_LEIEfDRFUOeU”}’)}}

Result that works:
[Object: {“Cookie”: “JSESSIONID = …”}]

[Object: {“Cookie”: “JSESSIONID = kH8siXLILnO2jUkI-aKIk-8IB7O_LEIEfDRFUOeU”}]

But I need receive … from another node.

You should be able to set the expression:

{{ {"Cookie":$json.jsessionid} }}

Here an example workflow:

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