Error Trigger node issue

The idea is:

Currently in the outcome of this node, gives
id: 231
retryOf: 34
message: Example Error Message
stack: Stacktrace
lastNodeExecuted: Node With Error
mode: manual
We need more information like Workflow link, node details where it failed,etc

My use case:

I need more information

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Help to identify the root and easily accessible.

Any resources to support this?


Are you willing to work on this?


Hey @Gouravdev,

The URL takes you to the execution log for the workflow that failed, By doing that it also takes you to the workflow so a link for the workflow isn’t really needed. Where it failed is normally the lastNodeExecuted and the details of the error will be in the error message and the stack if it is known.

What sort of information are you actually expecting to see?

@Jon what do you mean by this?

It will return the stacktrace if it is known.

Hi @Jon

I am facing an issue,

ERROR: Sending binary data is only supported when option “Body Content Type” is set to “RAW/CUSTOM” or “FORM-DATA/MULTIPART”!


“text”: “Error Message\n”{{ $json.execution.error.description}}“”


“text”: “Error Message\n{{ $json[“execution”][“error”][“cause”][“reason”][“description”] }}”


Can you please help.

also $json[“execution”][“retryOf”]
doesn’t work with auto trigger. If possible please fix it.