Escaping ' for MySQL

I’ve seen a few solutions posted for similar problems, but I can’t seem to get this working. Hoping the awesome people here can help.
In the results from an http request I have names containing the ’ character. When trying to use the value in MySQL update statement, it fails. I need to escape this character and replace “St. David’s Home” with “St. David/'s Home” to allow the update statement to run successfully.


n8n version: Version 0.221.2
Database: MySQL
Installation: AWS EC2

Thanks in advance.


I think you can use JSON.stringify(var) to escape all special chars.

Let me know if it’s work

How do I get that working in a module for my variable?

You can use this syntaxe {{ JSON.stringify($json.value) }}

Where $json.value is the variable that you want to escape

I’ve successfully escaped it using the syntax but still when we try to write to the sql table it’s not seeing it as escaped.

Could you please share your workflow? It’s not clear which operation of the MySQL node you’re using, or what the query is.

We’re trying to add the value from the variable into an existing record in the mysql table. Here’s the full statement:

UPDATE care_homes
SET provider_name = ‘{{ $json[“name”] }}’, provider_id = ‘{{ $node[“Set Provider Name”].json[“Provider ID”] }}’
WHERE location_id = ‘{{ $json[“location_id”] }}’;

It’s the “set provider_name” that fails due to the ’ character.


Try this :

UPDATE care_homes
SET provider_name = {{ JSON.stringify($json[“name”]) }}, provider_id = {{ JSON.stringify($node[“Set Provider Name”].json[“Provider ID”]) }}
WHERE location_id = {{ JSON.stringify($json[“location_id”]) }};

Thanks, that gives the same error unfortunately.

Could you show the output of your sql query please ?

Can you show the sql query please not the error ?

Apologies Kent:
INSERT INTO location_details (
‘{{ JSON.stringify($json[“name”]) }}’,

When you use JSON.stringify you have to remove the quote befofe and after your var.

Write just

{{ JSON.stringify($json[“name”]) }}

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That’s worked now Kent.
Thanks so much!


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