Execute Workflow by Name

The idea is:

to make it possible to execute a workflow by name (database name of workflow), not just by id, because the id needs to execute a request which can make the process a little slower

My use case:

facilitate communication between the various workflows that I have, in addition to the fact that when I provide maintenance services, if someone removes and adds the workflow again, they have to change the id even if the name remains the same.

Would you solve these two problems below in each area or workflow that is needed

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

it will avoid having to add more nodes to be able to just capture the id that would be found if the name was used

Any resources to support this?

Update database to use not just id, but name too

Are you willing to work on this?


This makes absolute sense. Especially if you’re working on a workflow in a test environment and then need to move it to a production one, because there’s no guarantee that the workflow ID’s will remain the same across environments. Alternatively, it should be possible to specify the workflow by path, relative to the current instance.

and even local file was not good to solve the problem, is not in sync, so i think use the workflow name