Execute Workflow - Debug

Get the debug experience on a sub-workflow after running a debug on a workflow that Executes it.

Currently, when a “Sub” workflow fails, it is really hard to debug it, because if open the sub-workflow and run it, i am missing data from the main workflow.

i know i can “Fake” it (create a node with some static data), but sometimes the data is dynamic, and Faking it is not possible.

i was thinking that if pressing the execute workflow had a button to “Go To Workflow” and my last run data would have waited for me there is not idle but it will certenly be better then what we have now.

This is something I would love to see as well.

Either this or being able to temporarily inject/replace “Execute workflow” node with the content of the workflow provided to that node.

The most reliable workaround for now is to keep adding functions with "if (DEBUGGING) console.log(“print your stuff”) to the sub workflows and just keeping it there in case you need to debug in future.

EDIT: It seems you can view integrated workflows in the executions menu now. We could still use some QoL features, such as right-click to open context menu that allows you to enter integrated sub-workflow. But what we have already allows for some debugging, so not gonna complain! :smile:

This is really a pain, especially when working with huge processes that need to break down.

@jan, is there any plans for Execute workflow debugging?

+1 for this