Export Workflow in Multiline Format

The idea is:

The Workflow export now looks like one big line.
Is it possible to make a multi-line export format?

My use case:

We use Git for the versioning of our Workflows, and since one line always changes, in fact, in Git you cannot see what changes were made, the whole line always changes, although only a small part of the Workflow could be replaced or only one node added

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

This will allow you to visually see in Git-like systems what has been changed in Workflow, what has been added or removed.

I don’t know how to close it. As soon as I created the request, I found the answer to my question. Everything turned out to be easier than I thought.
–pretty solved my problem


Is maybe still helpful for other people, so we can still leave it open and simply mark it as solved. Btw. for other people here the link to the documentation that lists also all the other flags:

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How can you do this --pretty from the client graphical app (local mac app for instance) ? I would like to have multiple line javascript code. Maybe yaml would be a cool export format, it has good multi line support.