Externally hosted nodes

Hopefully this isn’t already a feature I’m missing.

Would be nice to allow externally hosted custom node types on i.e. Github or S3, and n8n would download it and maintain a list of your custom nodes.

The list of nodes or marketplace could simply be a public git repo with a defined file structure - that way it’s easy to add a private repository / registry.

Some benefits:

  • You could run a marketplace of custom node types like you’ve set up for your workflows
  • I could add a custom node type without needing to reboot my docker image with a new folder mount or access the machine running n8n
  • Workflows using custom nodes could be more easily shared if the node type included a link to the public download

Some risks:

  • Cloudron, a DIY self-hosted app catalogue, used this model, and as they’ve rolled out breaking changes over the years, it’s created a graveyard of old user-created stuff that isn’t updated anymore. It’s not clear when you download something if it’ll still work.
  • Security - ideally, custom nodes are hosted on your store or on git repos so I can use checksums and git hashes to make sure nobody is slipping in changes that steal my credentials.

Thank you

Welcome to the community @patrickjm!

Thanks a lot for this feature request and some of your thinking behind it. Is very helpful!

Implementing something like that is actually planned for a while now. Think it is especially important for some more niche functionality. That could for example be special nodes for audio. Adding a lot of dependencies and specific nodes to the core would not make any sense. Allowing people to selectively install nodes with their dependencies easily would probably be the best solution.

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