Extract price on a website

I want to track price on this website Buy and Sell Bitcoin on P2P | Local Bitcoin Exchange | Binance but seems HTTP Request node can’t get all data of this website to do next steps with demo workflow https://n8n.io/workflows/837. How can I do with this?

Do you want to iterate over the pages? Because if that is the case, you cannot do that with an HTTP request as the pagination it’s not done with query string parameters but with javascript. You need a more specialized tool to do that sort of scrapping.

Do you have any suggestion to do that?

I recommend PhantomBuster (https://phantombuster.com/) for all these types of “difficult” scraping cases. There are for sure open-source/ self-rolled solutions but unless it’s a very intensive usecase, PhantomBuster handles ALOT of the under-the-hood complexity; especially if you’re trying to scrape a popular site since they have pre-made scrapers.

We also have a PhantomBuster node, so super easy to create n8n WFs that interact with PB.