Facebook Graphs API

Does anyone know how to configure Facebook API and get it integrated to N8N to retrieve leads from facebook ads?

Hi @Rodrigo_Fiuza, welcome to the community :tada:

I have not (and from past experience with Facebook’s API I seem to remember that it can be a bit fiddly) - do you have any specific problem implementing one of their specific requirements in n8n? Or are you just looking for general guidance?

Hi, thanks for the anwser!
I´m not having problems, i am looking for guidance or a professional that know how to setup N8N to retrieve a lead in real time from facebook

So for professional guidance you might want to reach out to an n8n expert: n8n.io - Find or be an n8n expert

Unless anyone on the forum has first hand experience to share on this particular API and its integration with n8n that is, of course :slight_smile: