How to Setup Facebook Trigger & FB App for Lead Forms?

I am trying to set-up the configuration for the Facebook trigger to execute whenever a FB lead ad is filled out, but there is no step-by-step guide so I’m trying to piece things together from posts in the community. I also reviewed Facebook’s Webhooks for Leads info.

I have created a FB app, generated the Access Token and App Secret using these instructions and created Facebook Graph API (App) credentials in n8n with them. I also created a Facebook Trigger node in n8n with Page as the Object and Leadgen as the field and added the Webhook product to my FB app, but that is where I am stuck.

I assume I should be selecting Page for the FB Webhook product, but what do I enter for the Callback URL and Verify Token?

Also is there additional set-up that needs to be done on the FB side after this? Do additional fields need to be added to the Facebook trigger or options enabled?

Thanks in advance for any help anyone can provide.

Hey @MortgageRockstar, welcome to the community! When using a trigger node in n8n you wouldn’t usually need to configure your webhooks manually.

If you want (or need) to manually set up a webhook in a 3rd-party system like Facebook, you’d need to use the generic Webhook node in n8n.

Not sure if it’s the same principle, but @chandan988 was setting up a Facebook webhook earlier, perhaps you’ll find this approach helpful: