Fails on automated execution but works manually

Sorry honestly do not follow totally.

But the file you referenced has nothing to do with the problem you are seeing. It is a file that gets used by the PostBin node and nowhere else.

About it working when you click EXECUTE on the node. Is in this case already any data present in the workflow (so are any nodes already executed)?


Not sure how I can describe it better. Above I show a picture with the node with data however it works regardless, the difference is clicking EXECUTE NODE vs EXECUTE WORKFLOW.

I am aware the file has nothing to do with it and I never said that, I merely said I found generic functions where the way the date was being handled was by creating a new date then formatting it so I simply followed that process.

When I click EXECUTE on node whether there is data or no data it works, click on EXECUTE workflow it doesn’t work, can’t explicitly even sent toString the only fix I have found is essentially to CREATE a new date and then force it to ISO like this:

{{new Date($json['date_field'].toString()).toISOString()}}

This is still a bug, if the data coming in is a string, and even forcing it to string not sure why n8n is manipulating data without the user requesting it, it only happens on date fields

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