Feature Request - Filter Workflows based on triggers and modules inside workflow / UI enhancements with filters/columns

Feature Request - Filter Workflows based on triggers and modules inside workflow

in Make we have the ability to see at a glance what modules are included in a scenario along with the ability to filter at a highlevel for workflows, used credentials or the like.
Very useful when something changes and we need to hunt down where certain credentials or a module is involved.

Currently we have no means of filtering or finding where a piece of functionality is in use with the exception of if we are savvy enough to have tagged the workflows with an identifier.

We do tho have all of these features when exploring Workflow templates from the community.

Secondly - would love a description/custom fields in a workflow settings which we could then potentially use as a column in the workflow list or search.
Currently we are limited to the workflow title/name.

Third - ability to select columns/filters with the above custom fields or tags

Forth, would love the filters and sort order to be user sticky, so it remembers the user preferences without the need to filter/sort every time (super annoying bouncing between workflows)

Lastly - the ability to open a workflow in a new tab/window from /workflows.
Relates to the annoyance of #4 as if you are working on a few workflows you lose track what you have worked on.

For 2 and 3 does the existing tags feature not help? I use them to group my workflows together and I can create a filter that only shows the workflows for that tag.

The last 2 I very much want as it is a pain to move between workflows and have to create a filter again.

I guess I am struggling with visibility

What about folder management or a dynamic list of the tags?

We have the space under add new workflow button