Fetch Custom Fields from Mautic and show in additional fields dropdown

To make working with Mautic and n8n easier it would be great to:

  1. fetch all existing custom fields from Mautic
  2. and show them in the “additional fields” dropdown menu
  3. when using the create or update a contact Mautic node.

With that feature it would definitely compete with Zapier.

Got created. We will let you know when is released.

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that’s great! Thank you very much. I think this is creating a lot of value for Mautic users.

I am not sure of this should be a new topic of a continuation of this one?

When the mautic node pulls in the segments and tags from Mautic, is does not pull them all through. I have linked n8n with one particular mautic that has 54 segments and 78 tags.

The node shows 60 segments but its an off subset of 30 segments repeated. It seems to roughly the 1st 30 segments in order of creation, but some segments are skipped

I have 78 tags and the node is doing weird things with tags. It is presenting 90 tags but it’s a repeating list of same 30 tags. Now sure why these 30 in particular have been pulled through. There is some order to it with creation date but ther a lot random ones pulled in as well.

Newly created tags and segments are not pulled through.

It got fixed and will be available in the next release. It was an issue with the pagination.

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Nice! Thank you,

How often are releases done? More specifically, is there an estimation if when this release may happen?

Weekly and usually over the weekend.

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Got released with [email protected]

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