Flow extract rss from site is giving error

Hello my friends,

I’m trying to extract the rss feed from some websites, and part of the stream is giving an error on get.



It seems to me that he is not able to find the GET rereasses, via webhook call.

Can anyone advise what it could be?


Are you sure that https://enotas.com.br//blog/\"GET baserow-releases\" is a valid URL? Does it work if you paste it into your browser? If not, figuring out what the correct URL is should be the first step.

Hi @sirdavidoff ,

I checked and fixed the url, it runs fine now.

But still, the other nodes, it does not run.

It stops at the extract field, and as I have little knowledge yet, I didn’t see what else to do.

Thank you for your help.

Hey @denverfix,

What is the data the html request node is outputting? It looks the html extract is not using a selector it can find and it might be set to always output data as well under the node settings.

In your screenshot of the ‘item lists’ node, you’re splitting out the post data into items but there is no post data. So n8n stops in this case.

If you need n8n to continue you can click the settings cog under the ‘execute node’ button and turn on ‘always output data’.

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