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I want to send follow up emails based of customer that has not purchased in over 45 days. We currently use woocommerce. Is this something that I can build with n8n?


Hi @trainingday,

Of course, you can do almost anything the only question is how.

Looking at the options it could be a case of using a SQL node and reading the database to check orders and users to find any that are older than 45 days or maybe using the woocommerce node to loop the orders and users to find what you want.

Hey @trainingday!

As @jon mentioned, it is possible to do it with n8n. One of the ways that I can think of is as followo:

  1. Create a workflow that runs everyday using the Cron node.
  2. Fetches the orders from WooCommerce (you can directly fetch from WooCommerce or store the new orders in a separate database and query that database)
  3. Using the IF node, check for if the last ordered date.
    • If < 45 days, do nothing.
    • Else, send them email using the email service you use.
  4. (Optional: Use only if you’re using an external database) Update your database and set the column Sent Follow Up Email to true.

Alternatively, you can use the Wait node.

I hope this helps.

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