For n8n Cloud, is there a performance improvement between the $50 Pro Plan and $120 Pro Plan?

On the n8n cloud-hosted platform, is there a performance improvement between the $50 Pro Plan and $120 Pro Plan?

If so, in do you know in what way the performance improves and any metric to describe roughly by how much?

Tried looking around for this info but couldn’t find anything. Would appreciate any insight. Thanks!

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I think the starter and pro plans do have different resources available. But between pro plans the only change should be the number of executions and active workflows. :slight_smile:


@BramKn is right on the money :slight_smile:
The Pro plan essentially has double the resources of the Starter plan.


@BramKn @EmeraldHerald

Thanks for the response guys!

That’s a shame, as I love n8n so much and the possibilities it offers for those like me whose only ability in programming is the assistant position of developer lead Mr. ChatGPT :joy:.

I was really hoping I could boost n8n’s performance/memory/etc. easily, but it seems like I would have to learn how to host my own to do that.

I’ve tried before and could get it running locally, but hosting it on cloud with anything beyond the default configs was a bit confusing (I do not know how to code, beyond the most simple javascript from seeing how ChatGPT writes javascript/python and what works/doesn’t).

ChatGPT is gonna have some late nights, again.

That is actually not totally correct. With each upgrade also the specs improve. So they double. Meaning Pro-1 has 2x the resources of the Starter Plan and Pro-2 has so 4x as much.


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