Forward input data to node output

The idea is:

Some input fields could be forwarded in the output data of nodes, making it easy to link different data sources. And easier to use, cause GUI compliant, than the upcoming pairedItem functionality.

My use case:

This can be used in a lot of contexts but I needed it to link input data to output data here (to know which Postgres item resulted in which Pipedrive deal):

This could replace the Merge node in some situations, and mostly prevent linking wrong data due to index shifting.

I think it would be beneficial to add this because:

Being able to access data from previous nodes in a “flow-scoped” manner (rather than the actual global context) is really powerful and can benefit a lot of applications.

Are you willing to work on this?

I’m a full-stack developer and I’ll be happy to work on this feature, although I’ve never contributed to n8n, so I’ll need a little tour/help & time to get started. Pair programming with experienced contributors would be awesome!

IMO this is pretty much essential.

I have to circumvent the lack of this feature on every semi-complex workflow i make.
Either I use merge nodes, or I use set nodes to read data from previous nodes.

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Absolutely needed when http request don’t get back any field or id. Merge by position solve this. But, could be more elegant.